Photo Splurge – Wall-E Update

It’s been a long time coming and for that I can only apologies – but here’s the latest Wall-E shots with a whole host of new friends and some interesting situations…

Meeting Spencer Wilding (A Stuntman)Meeting Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium - Doctor Who)Meeting Robert RankinMeeting Graham McTavish (The Hobbit - Dwalin)Big Brother?Meeting Rene Auberjonois (Odo - Star Trek Deep Space Nine)Meeting Owen WattsMeeting Bernard CribbinsGrimlockRiding with Optimus PrimeMeeting the FredericksonsMeeting Mitch BennDerek Landy SigningMeeting Buzz LightyearMeeting ChewbaccaMeeting Jamie BamberMeeting Milo VentimigliaMeeting Major Jack UnionMeeting Colin BakerMeeting Jason MewesMeeting Kristian NairnMeeting Gethin AnthonyMeeting Finn JonesMeeting Stephanie Leonidas

And a few quick bonus shots from the London Film and Comic Con…

Anthony Head SigningJohn Hurt SigningJohn Hurt SigningPaul McGann Signing1980s BatmobileCaught Again...A Happy Man and A Portal GunCaptain Jack SparrowSteampunk Peter Pan



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