Challenge – 30 Things To Do Before Turning 30

Last Updated: 14/7/14

As much as I may not want to admit it 30 is starting to grow on the horizon – give it a couple of years.  It’ll get bigger!  With this age approaching I’ve started thinking of things that I could do to celebrate, and what challenge I can give to myself now I’ve finished running the Marathon.  As I was thinking about this the local radio station had a running feature where as one of the presenters was turning 30 they had a list of 30 things to do in celebration of  their birthday.  So, I thought, I can give that a go and it should hopefulyl present some interesting challenges.

So here is the list of 30 Things To Do Before Turning 30 – and whether they’ve been successfully completed or not so far.

Number Task Completed? How?
1 Oktoberfest September 08 We went, we saw, we drank beer. Brilliant experience, brilliant times. Want to go back.
2 ????? December 10 This is something that I would love to talk about but can’t – for reasons that are obvious if you know what it is… Which leads to a bit of a Catch 22…. Can you just trust me on this one?
3 Lead everyone in dancing the Macarena to the tune of Saturday Night April 11 Hard to explain… It just kinda happened.
4 Complete a Project 365 August 11 I took a photo a day featuring at least one of my collection of toy robots. The results can all be found online here.
5 Give Blood February 12 I have a huge respect for the work the NHS does – but am also really freaked out by needles and stuff. This may seem simple but is a big challenge to go and face the needles as it were…. So my colleague Julie dragged me off on the condition that if they had a space I’d be done, and they had a space and it was all very quick and simple. Dare I saw I’m not sure what the fuss was about… I may even be persuaded to go back…
6 Try Mint Chocolate M&Ms March 12 Ever since hearing about this thanks to a Wikipedia article we’ve been trying to find them – they sounded amazing. Almost as good as the Strawberry & Peanut Butter M&Ms (the best M&Ms I ever tasted). Then we found them, and yes we they were good.
7 Run the London Marathon April 12 I managed it – I ran the London Marathon finishing in 6:59:58 – so under 7 hours. Not sure I’ll be attempting a marathon again in the near future mind…
8 Visit the Shepherd Neame Brewery August 13 Its been down the road for years and I’ve never got around to going and visiting. Something that was corrected when Kirsty got me tickets as part of my birthday present.
9 Drive in a country other than the UK November 13 I was really keen to drive on the wrong side of the road to see what this would be like, and how different it would be from usual driving. Turns out that it was pretty much business as normal with just a bit more thinking going into roundabouts…
10 Try the Worlds Hottest Chilli December 13 I ended up having this as part of a really nice chilli sauce called “The Monkey” (its slightly hotter than “The Organ Grinder”). Really nice taste, and just about manageable heat – obviously my mouth has got better at this whole thing…
11 The Boxing Day Dip December 13 A dip in the English sea on Boxing Day. It’ll be cold. I only hope it’s worth it! – Turns out that it wasn’t nearly that bad. Yes it was cold, but it was also really refreshing and a gorgeous day for it. Sign me up for next year 😉
16 Attend a Masquerade Ball April 14 Not quite done properly – but the big party night at the Sci-Fi Weekender is technically known as the Masquerade. Any suggestions appreciated…
17 Steampunk Up April 14 Photos weren’t good – will get some better ones and then post em up. – I love Steampunk – the look of it, the individuality of it, the sheer creativity that gets shown. Its brilliantly interesting as a genre, a fashion and all sorts. I really want to get my arse into gear and get myself sorted out with a proper Steampunk outfit. So far Dan & Ali have kindly provided a cane and I’ve been doing lots of research. Its time to stop thinking and start putting some ideas into action.
19 Go on a Cruise April 14 Thanks to the charity VICTA I got to experience the life on the high seas – a brillaint oppourunity and a great time away with an amazing group of people.
20 See more of America April 14 After the Cruise we spent a week in Florida – this was much more small town life, and something I still want to explore further.
12 30 Wall-E Photos for 30 July 14 As you’ll be able to see looking through the archives Wall-E, star of my Project 365 has been having continuing adventures and meeting new people who normally greet him with various expressions of confusion and/or humour. Would love to get him to have met 30 celebrities at various events – the people so far can be found here: Wall-E & Friends.
13 Visit the Adnams brewery
14 Partake In A Medieval Style Feast Possibly brought on by reading too much Game of Thrones – would love to do a stew served in proper trenchers and other Medieval style foods etc.
15 Pull my own pint Something I’ve wanted to do for ages. Really simple (in theory) but something you never really get the chance to do…
18 Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Marathon Something I missed at uni due to my parents choosing a bad weekend to visit. So far I’ve done 2 out of 3 in one sitting, now just to make it 3 out of 3.

4 thoughts on “Challenge – 30 Things To Do Before Turning 30

  1. Hey Alex, just noticed this. For some reason pages don’t show up in the RSS feed. What are the other 18 things you’re going to do before you’re 30? Not long to go now (I’ve got less, mind you, so I’m not gloating)!

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