Photo Splurge – Wall-E Update

It’s been a long time coming and for that I can only apologies – but here’s the latest Wall-E shots with a whole host of new friends and some interesting situations…

Meeting Spencer Wilding (A Stuntman)Meeting Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium - Doctor Who)Meeting Robert RankinMeeting Graham McTavish (The Hobbit - Dwalin)Big Brother?Meeting Rene Auberjonois (Odo - Star Trek Deep Space Nine)Meeting Owen WattsMeeting Bernard CribbinsGrimlockRiding with Optimus PrimeMeeting the FredericksonsMeeting Mitch BennDerek Landy SigningMeeting Buzz LightyearMeeting ChewbaccaMeeting Jamie BamberMeeting Milo VentimigliaMeeting Major Jack UnionMeeting Colin BakerMeeting Jason MewesMeeting Kristian NairnMeeting Gethin AnthonyMeeting Finn JonesMeeting Stephanie Leonidas

And a few quick bonus shots from the London Film and Comic Con…

Anthony Head SigningJohn Hurt SigningJohn Hurt SigningPaul McGann Signing1980s BatmobileCaught Again...A Happy Man and A Portal GunCaptain Jack SparrowSteampunk Peter Pan



Photo Splurge – America with VICTA

The charity VICTA (Visually Impaired Children Take Action), the charity I ran the London Marathon for in 2012, asked if I would help volunteer on a trip to America for two weeks.  We had a week long cruise around the Caribbean before spending a week in a villa in Florida.  Of course I said yes and here’s the photos…

Update See what the guys we took on the trip thought – full write up here.

Cloth ElephantCloth CreatureCruise Boat SunriseCruise Boat SunriseCruise Boat SunriseCruise Boat SunriseCruise Boat SunriseMorning SkiesCloth DogFrigate BirdCloth RabbitCloth Frog"Hell" - Cayman IslandsSea TurtleSea TurtleCayman BeachCayman BeachFlying GullsFlying GullsFlying GullsFlying GullsFlying GullsHeronParrotEgretFlorida Beach_MG_9618-editedOsprey

Another Quick Photo Splurge

I know – I’ve been terrible at writing here recently.  The big problem was that over Easter I went on holiday to the Lake District, took over 1000 photos and had to go through and sort them out – I finally managed to finish them off yesterday and they’ll be appearing soon.  In the meantime here’s some smaller photo sets with some Wall-E updates (he’s made some new friends including Neil Gaiman) and some generally nice shots around Ely Cathedral and London.  Hope you enjoy and will try and get better at writing here!

Join Me...Wall-E's got a question...Meeting Neil GaimanMeeting Les DennisMeeting Bonnie Langford

Ely CathedralEly CathedralEly CathedralEly CathedralLondon View

Photo Splurge…

I’ve caught up with my photo backlog this weekend… So you’ve got updated Wall-E photos, Snowpocalypse 2013 and some of the utterly fantastic cosplay from the Sci-Fi Weekender.  Hope you enjoy.

New Wall-E Shots:
Meeting JG Hertzler (Martok - Star Trek Deep Space 9)Meeting Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisco - Star Trek Deep Space 9)Meeting Robert O'Reilly (Gowron - Star Trek The Next Generation & Deep Space 9)Meeting A Rather Good Captain Picard LookalikeMeeting Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar - Star Trek The Next Generation)Meeting Rene Auberjonois (Odo - Star Trek Deep Space 9)Meeting Manu Intiraymi (Icheb - Star Trek Voyager)Meeting Andrew Robinson (Garrick - Star Trek Deep Space 9)Meeting Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys - Star Trek Deep Space 9)Investigating Moon RocksMeeting Ira Stephen Behr (Producer - Star Trek Deep Space 9)Meeting Eddie Paskey (Leslie - Star Trek)Meeting Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun & Brunt - Star Trek Deep Space 9)Meeting Martin Netter (Star Trek Super Collector)Wall-E meets Boba FettBlissfully Unaware...Meeting Frazer Hines (Jamie - Doctor Who (2nd Doctor))Meeting Paul Cornell (Author/TV/Comic Writer)Meeting Chase Masterson (Leeta - Star Trek Deep Space Nine)Meeting Robert Rankin (Author)Meeting Peter Davison (The Doctor - Doctor Who)Meeting Hugh Howey (Author - Wool)Meeting Professor Elemental (Chap-Hop Artiste, Gentleman Explorer)

Snowpocalypse 2013:
Snowy WoodsSnowy WoodsSnowy WoodsSwooping InSnowy WoodsSnowy WoodsSnowy WoodsDead Snowman

Sci-Fi Weekender 2013/Trip to Wales:
Welsh HillsFence PostRolling HillsFrozen WaterfallValley RoadsSteampunk Stilt WalkersGiant Robots!!Giant Robotos!!Giant Robot!!Giant Robots!!!FaunDoctor & The DalekLightning from Final Fantasy 13Silent and Stilt Walking FaunsSteampunk InventorFeathered Stilt WalkersDoctor Who ScarecrowGiant Deck Chair!Red Dwarf GirlX-Men: First ClassObservers Are HereObservers Are Watching...Ezio (Assasins Creed 2)Giant Robot!!Giant Robot!!GhostbustersI Fought The Law...The Beast (X-Men)Lego MinifigsProfessor ElementalProfessor ElementalSteampunk DancersProfessor ElementalProfessor ElementalProfessor ElementalProfessor ElementalProfessor ElementalDezz Skinn as The AntiPopeRobert Rankin as The KingCraig Charles DJingArea 51 Steampunk DancerCraig Charles DJingArea 51 Steampunk DancerArea 51 Steampunk DancerArea 51 Steampunk DancerAmbiance Disco LightsCrowdsurfingCraig Charles DJingArea 51 Streampunk DancerBaby Doll (Suckerpunch)

Photo Post – Wales June 2012

As some of you will know earlier this year I went to visit my fried Rob at his family farm in the Breacon Beacons of Wales. When I came back life got busy and I’ve only really had the chance to go through the 600 odd photos I took. Well I got there in the end and hopefully you’ll find some pictures to enjoy below.

Garden StreamValley ViewWild FlowersRiver ViewRob by SunsetRiver ViewTree ReflectionRiver ViewWild FlowersRob enjoying the viewRiver ViewStone MonumentHarbourJubilee HarbourBreacon ChurchClock TowerHarbourWild FlowerCanal ViewCanal ViewMiner StatueWild FlowersFeather ArtUnder the BridgeWild FlowersWaiting on a bargeManning the pumpsOpening the gatesRiver ViewThoughtful momentCountry LaneWild FlowersWild FlowersWild FlowersView into Sheep FieldWild FlowersVillage ChurchCovered WalkwayJubilee Phone BoxJubilee Phone Box DetailInside The Phone BoxNarrow PassageGentle StreamHill ClimbingCaterpillar Nest"One Day...."Wall Flowers"Make mine a pint..."Ironwork DetailsWeathervaneDuck CrossingTrucks Lined UpTruck DetailsMichelin ManPrepared for AnythingPrepared for AnythingSmall Traction EngineSmall Traction EngineCarved BarrelTraction Engine PistonsTraction Engine PistonsTraction Engine PipeworkTraction Engine FaceplateTraction Engine ControlsTraction Engine PipeworkSteam JetTraction Engine PipeworkSteam ReleaseTraction Engine PistonsSouped Up WheelchairRear View Mirror...Traction Engine at WorkViking Bonnet MountBonnet Mounted GaugeOil CanLucky LockPatriotic CarWar MemorialRebecca's Pub - Full ViewRebecca's Pub - Top WindowRebecca's Pub - Frontage DetailsRebecca's Pub - Lit UpRebecca's Pub - In the windowRebecca's Pub - Lit Up FrontRebecca's Pub - Lit up FrontRebecca's Pub - Lit Up Front View

Photo Post – Olympic Torch in Maidstone

At a stupidly early hour this morning the Olympic Torch came through Maidstone.  I dragged myself out of bed and headed into town with the camera finding that a good crowd had gathered together and it was certainly a lot busier than I had expected it to be.  This of course made it bit harder to be in a good spot to get some photos but I think I got some good shots and have put them online over at the Flickr account.  Quick links/previews below.

Crowds GatheringCrowds GatheringCrowds GatheringTorch Runner In WaitingTorches In WaitingCoca Cola Warm-Up TeamCoca Cola Warm-Up TeamFlag WaverSamsung Warm-Up TeamLloyds Warm-Up TeamLloyds Warm-Up TeamTorch SightedTorch RunnerTorch RunnerTorch RunnerTorch RunnerTorch RunnerTorch RunnerTorch RunnerTorch RunnerCrowds Waiting On The RiverCanoeing OutriderOlympic Torch Rowing ThroughOlympic Torch Rowing ThroughOlympic Torch Rowing ThroughOlympic Torch Rowing ThroughAqua Security Team