Photo Post – Project 365

Well the end has come.  As of last weekend Project 365 is complete.  It’s strange to think that it’s a year and to look over some of the photos of whats happened.  It’s strange to think that this time a year ago I was just getting the blog restarted, getting ready to go to Turkey and had a couple of weddings to go too.  I promise I’ll stop going on about Project 365 – I’ve got other challenges to face over the next year which I’m sure you’ll get fed up with hearing about instead.  But before that happens – here’s all the Project 365 photos in one place – just for the records.

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Project 365 Day 365 – Finale

Day 365 - Finale by ajwalters
Day 365 – Finale, a photo by ajwalters on Flickr.

Well that’s it. Its the end of Project 365. To be honest it’ll be quite nice not having to think through a photo to take every day!

To celebrate the end we’ve got together some of our favourite photos and put them in a collage – hope you enjoy.

This is Wall-E, Galaxy 4, and Galaxy 5 signing off…. For now…

Photo Post – Electric Sheep

A while ago when I first started Project 365 I asked people to send me pictures of Electric Sheep.  The photo that these were needed for has now gone up – see here – and it has a nice collection of different dream sheep.  Due to the effort Shaun, Scotty, John, Cinders, Natalie, Lee and Yates have put into their pictures I thought I’d upload them seperatly for a look as well – so here’s the unedited pictures used in the dreams.

Sheep 1 by JohnSheep 2 by ShaunSheep 3 by NatalieSheep 4 by Chris SSheep 5 by LeeSheep 6 by NatalieSheep 7 by Yates

Project 365 Day 364 – Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Part 12

Yes. It seems at times that Androids do dream of Electric Sheep.

I should give a big thanks to Shaun, Scotty, John, Cinders, Natalie, Yates and Lee who have all provided a wonderful range of Electric sheep for the dreams. Thank you for being the ones mad enough to respond to a request for a post-it sized picture of an electric sheep…